Do you want to enhance your online store’s functionality?

Thus, you need to use a b2b e-commerce platform. Shopify plus is gaining popularity in the last few years because of its advanced features. It will allow you to go global and increase sales. It comes with multiple languages. This feature is essential as it will allowinternational customers to understand the message you want to convey. Also, the multi-currency feature will enable them to make payments using various local methods of payment.

The good thing about Shopify plus is that it is a hosted-platform. With this, you will not worry about the insecurity in your website. It will host your site on the reliable server to prevent the hackers from accessing your business information.  Here are 5 features that make Shopify plus to stand out from other platforms:

B2B Ecommerce

¬ Scalability

In the b2b e-commerce, there will be changes in traffic levels. At times you may have millions of customers to make purchases from your store. With this, you will increase sales. Thus, you need to ensure that your website is highly scalable to hold all the amount of traffic. Shopify plus being a hosted platform and a b2b ecommerce solution will offer your site with plenty of services. The site will have the ability to handle a tremendous amount of work without collapsing. If you make a mistake of building a website without this feature, you may encounter many challenges. Your site can load at a slow speed or even collapse due to overloading. Thus, Shopify plus should be your consideration.

¬ Responsiveness

Shopify plus is becoming a leading responsive b2b e-commerce platform. It allows customers to have the convenience of making purchases from any place. Thus, responsiveness is a must-have feature of a platform. This feature will enable you to increase sales because a massive number of customers will view your website. Shopify plus comes with responsive templates to help you achieve this. The templates will respond to every mobile device. The buy button it comes with, enable customers from various places to make purchases efficiently using the mobile. Also, Shopify plus will allow you to manage your business using the mobile device. It comes with the Shopify Mobile Buy App to make selling physical products easier.

¬ Customization

Shopify plus will assure to help you fulfill your business needs. It will allow you to build a unique website that will make customers to differentiate you from your competitors. It comes with the customization feature to provide you with the freedom of making changes in your site. You can easily customize the checkout process and come up with short and precise. With this, you can increase the conversion rate because all customers want to make quick purchases. Also, customization will allow you to add unique elements that will convey a crucial message about your products. High-quality images are essential to enable the customers to have an understanding of how your products are.

¬ Ease of use

Encountering challenges when creating your website can negatively affect your business. Thus, you need to use a b2b e-commerce platform that is easy to use. Shopify plus is a vital platform that will help you create a stunning site by yourself. It has ready-made templates to allow you to come up with a website without starting from scratch. You will only drag and drop element and add quality images,and you will be ready to get started. In case a challenge occurs, their support system will provide you with positive feedbacks.

¬ Multi-channel feature

In this era, if you want to be closer to your b2b buyers, you need to market your products. Shopify plus is a leading b2b e-commerce platform that has the multiple channel feature. It will allow you to run a physical, online store, and sell across various marketplaces.

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